Wizu Surveys can easily be configured to be sent via Intercom Outbound messages.

Create a Wizu survey and make sure it's Intercom Enabled

There's more information about setting up Wizu Surveys for Intercom in this related article Configure Wizu surveys for Intercom

Ensure the survey is also published in Wizu and then choose invitations from the Jumbo menu

Choose 'Copy HTML for Intercom Template'

You can choose to copy either

  • a template email containing the first question embedded in an email (this improves start rates)

  • Or just the URL to start the survey. Choose this option if you want to use an Intercom email template or just want to send a simple link to the custoemr

Template Email With Embedded Question

The email sent will look something similar to this:

the text can be altered either in Wizu or the Intercom invitation via HTML.

Choose 'Edit Html'

Select all HTML and paste in the HTML copied from Wizu.

To use a simple link within an Intercom Template ...

Insert a button into your template

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