Wizu Autumn 2020 Release (November 1st)

  • Tech upgrade

  • Option to export partial completes

  • New bot backgrounds

  • Option to remove 'Thinking dots' between messages in order to appear less human (if required)

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Annual penetration was completed and is available on demand.

Wizu Summer 2020 Release

Wizu gets a new brand identity!

In the new release, we are introducing a new logo – the existing Wizu face will be used as a guide around the product, while a new icon is used for the product itself.

Portal changes

  • Import a section from another survey

  • Copy a question

  • New single option button with big text – for simple ‘OK, ‘Sure!’ and ‘Let’s go’ responses

  • Survey gallery table view and tags visible

  • New survey templates with ‘Preview’ facility

  • Preview has jump-to section

  • Help bubbles that are dismiss-able

  • Improved designer experience that is closer to the chat experience (later bot versions only)

  • Routing has changed into Display and Skip logic

  • Display logic is new and now allows statements and questions to be displayed if the condition is true. This is really useful for displaying on just on mobile devices for instance.Existing ‘Routes’ are now found in a ‘Skip logic’ tab and these work as before – after a question is submitted

  • Simplified and improved UI for routing

  • Routing on previous response is now a pick-list

  • New Routing functions

  • Is in preview

  • Get score

  • Renaming topic and aspect AI functions to stage and touchpoint

Smart Comment changes

  • Three levels of input required:Validation only

  • Default (current version)High complexity of comment

  • Smart comment icon changed from Thumbs to Tick

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Performance improvements around publishing

  • Drag and drop fix,

  • Delete responses fix

  • Change to default template so that new conversations use a more conversational script

  • Better error messages if publish fails

  • Improved Zapier documentation

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