How To Create A New Lead

Creating a new lead from a Wizu conversation couldn’t be simpler.

  • Create your Wizu survey with the relevant lead capture questions included. Company and Last Name are required by Salesforce but you can add as many additional fields as required.

  • Once your questions are set up then click on the 'Analyse & Act' tab in the Wizu survey designer editor and select ‘Workflow’.

  • Choose your Salesforce integration environment from the drop down and then select the Action ‘Create’.

  • From the Object drop down list you can select ‘Lead’. Wizu will automatically add the two required fields and will auto map them if you have named the field the same in Wizu.

  • If they have not auto mapped then simply select the question you want to map to the relevant field in Salesforce.

  • You can click + Mapping to add further mappings and once you select the question you want to map from Wizu the ‘Field’ will show a drop-down list of available mappings within Salesforce.

Save your conversation and whenever anyone complete the survey a lead will be created in Salesforce and all relevant mappings passed through.

How To Update A Lead

If you are sending a survey to an existing customer and want to the responses to be mapped back to that contact or case then you can set up an update workflow within Wizu. This is very similar to how you set up lead creation but the main difference is you need to include an ID to map the response back to the relevant record in Salesforce.

  • Set up our conversation with the relevant questions and then click on ‘Workflow’ under 'Actions & Analyse'.

  • Select ‘Update’ from the Action menu and then Lead under objects.

  • Wizu will automatically add the required fields of company, last name and Lead ID. The Lead ID is the reference that will link the response back to the relevant lead in Salesforce. In order for this to be mapped back you need to send the Lead ID (or ‘rid’) through the survey invitation URL. Each lead in Salesforce has this unique ID displayed so you can either manually create the URL for each respondent or set up an automated email that will dynamically add the Lead ID to the URL in order for Wizu to read and send back with the updated responses.

For more information on exactly how to generate these URLs and add ID’s please see our section on ‘How to Identify and Connect Individual Responses to Contacts’.

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