When it comes to inviting your customers to take your survey there are a number of options available.

Anonymous Surveys

When creating your survey in Wizu a generic URL is created. This can then be shared to anyone you want to invite to your conversation. By default, there is nothing here that will identify who the individual contact is in both the Wizu and Salesforce reporting. However, you can still use this type of survey to create new records in Salesforce as long as you are collecting all the required fields from the respondent in the survey itself.

Wizu Email Templates

In the Wizu portal you can edit your HTML email template and upload invitation data to send out survey invites to your customers. This will generate a unique URL for each customer and also allow you embed customer information or pass through data to Salesforce. For example, you could export all your contacts from Salesforce and add the ContactID as a custom field to your Wizu invitation upload. Even if this is not mentioned in the conversation you can set up the mapping to pass through this record to Salesforce and connect the responses to that contact.

Salesforce Email Templates

There is also the option of creating your email template in Salesforce. This allows you to utilise the tags mentioned earlier to automatically pass through data to Wizu and connect the responses back to the relevant record in Salesforce. Simply create your email template, this can be a simple text template or HTML if you are comfortable doing that. Take the conversation URL from Wizu and then add your tags to the end of the URL as required. Once you have saved your template, and ensured you have made it available for use, then you can send out individual emails or a mass email to all contacts. You can also set certain workflows to trigger email templates such as when an order is placed or when a contact is created. The parameters that you include in your survey invitation URL can also be referenced within the conversation in Wizu. Simply add the relevant tag in to your Wizu conversation and if the data is passed through via the URL then Wizu can customize the conversation accordingly.

Other Email Providers

If you are more comfortable using a 3rd party Email marketing application, then you can export your data from Salesforce with the relevant ID’s and merge them into your email. You can build the URL’s up with any identifiers you want to include and also pass through information to Wizu to personalize the conversation.

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