Wizu and Salesforce are very good at talking to each other but sometimes they just need a little help. Adding some basic information to the survey URL means each survey response can be attributed to a specific person. This works in a similar way to a mail merge and is often used in email marketing to add personalised greetings etc.

Every record in Salesforce has its own unique ID. Cases have a “CaseID” and all contacts have a “ContactID” etc. When looking at a contact in Salesforce, the URL will show the ContactID.

Simply adding these unique ID’s to the end of your survey URL will allow Salesforce to connect the responses with the suitable contact/ lead/ case etc. You can also utilise this method to add personalization aspects to your Wizu conversation. So, if you wanted to send a survey to the contact above you would simply add the variables to the end of the URL like this:


You can add multiple ID’s to one URL if required to connect a ContactID and CaseID etc


If you are worried about including long and messy URL’s in your emails then you can hide the variables behind a HTML link through text or an image.

You don’t need to worry about manually creating all these URL’s for every customer. Simply create an email template with the relevant tags in place and Salesforce will automatically populate the correct information. More on that in our ‘How To Create Email Templates’ section.

Any information you include in the URL that you would like to reference within the conversation you can do by simply adding the tag {context.firstname} or whatever field you want to reference and this will dynamically be replaced for each contact.

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