Browse to the Intercom App Store and search Wizu.

Click 'Install now'

Signup and create your Wizu account here

It's really simple and painless to signup for Wizu and you don't need a credit card or payment details - yay!

Choose either a Google account or your email/password combination.

Supply your name and organisation, read and confirm you're OK with the T&C's

To check the health of your Intercom connection, choose

Now create a Wizu survey that we can send from Intercom ...

... and make the survey available to respondents by publishing it ...

Once the survey is published, we'll add the Wizu survey via Messenger ...

Choose the survey and click 'Add Wizu to Messenger' and the send to the customer.

The customer will then take the survey ... (look and feel as well as text is all customizable)

Suggested next steps:

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