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Getting started: setting up your survey bot
Getting started: setting up your survey bot

How to create and configure a bot for your Wizu survey

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What is a bot?

In Wizu, a bot is simply the character that asks the survey questions to your customer.

Bots change the appearance of the survey in terms of images and colours as well as common text messages. So bots are like themes in many ways.

A bot can be used for more than survey, and typically you may have different bots for different groups of respondent. For example you may have one bot for internal employee feedback collection surveys; and another for customer facing surveys.

Bots are configured in Wizu at the menu below

Create a bot or use pre-installed?

Initially, we suggest modifying one of the pre-installed bots. If you have multiple customer segments or very different use-cases then you should copy or create a new bot.

To create a new bot, select the bot you would to choose as the basis, and the click 'Create' (see screen shot below)

What types of bot?

There are three types of bots:

  • brand bots

  • virtual interviewers

  • non conversational bots

Brand bot

Brand bots do not have a human representation as their avatar - i.e. they have no face and have the logo only. These are typically used where the primary relationship is between the brand and the customer or in formal situations.

We create a brand bot for you by default when setting up your account and example is shown below

Virtual interviewer

Virtual interviewer bots are bots that have a face. They are more engaging and personable than brand bots.

For example:

There are many bot images to choose from (we often add to this list too)

... or you can upload you own avatar.

Often people respond better to actual people's face, and this could be a CEO bot, Founder Bot, Customer Success Manager or Customer Service Agent.

Sometimes people can create their own chat bot with it's own character: Roary the friendly monster...

Non conversational Bot

Non conversational bots operate a little like the traditional form based survey in that there is no conversation history. Any bot can be made non conversational by un-checking the 'Conversational UI' checkbox in the 'style' tab (see screenshot below)

Which bot is best for you really depends on your audience and use-case - we can help talk you through the options too.


Bot reactions can be so set so that when a question is answered, reactions can automatically be generated without you having add them. The reactions can be overridden at the question level or you can add your own. To turn off all automated reactions choose 'No reactions'

Bot Style configurations

Explore the configurations above and get the style that works best for your audience. As you change the settings on the bot, you will see the preview automatically change too, so you can quickly see what the new change looks like.

Note: If you upload your own logo, the primary and secondary colours will automatically be generated.

Remember: Any changes made to the Bot will affect all other surveys too when they are published


Choose a background and choose a background tint - see screen shot below.

Generally, darker backgrounds work better in our opinion

What are 'Chat messages'?

Chat message are system messages used by the bot. Some messages can't be set in the survey designer and these are specified here. Generally though, these messages don't need to be changed.


  • Bots are similar to themes

  • They correspond to an audience

  • More than one survey can share the same bot

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