If you haven't already done so, install Wizu for Intercom as described in this Getting started with Intercom & Wizu

First up, Configuring your Bot

Wizu can be setup to appear broadly three ways in Intercom as show below:

Which style of bot depends on your preference and audience, but we think 'Feedback bot' works well in Intercom and complements the 'Operator bot'.

The background image, bot icon, colours and even the speed of responses are configured in the Bot section of Wizu - see Getting started: setting up your survey bot

To show or hide the header (as per first and second screen shot) select/deselect the 'Show bot header' as shown below in the Intercom section of the Survey.


There are resources for creating Wizu surveys available in this section of the help centre

In this section we'll assume you have created a survey and we'll cover how to configure your Wizu survey for intercom.

From within the survey, use the jumbo menu to choose 'Intercom' (if you can't see it, check you have connected to Intercom successfully). Surveys can be enabled and disabled by selecting and de-selecting the checkbox shown at A below:

You can also choose where this survey is available in Intercom by selecting the appropriate box

Header text

The header text is displayed in the top of the Intercom pane when the survey is in progress

The 'Show bot header' displays a header within the Intercom pane containing the bot avatar and optionally the organisation logo. To change the avatar or the background use the Bot section of Wizu.

If no bot header is selected, the avatar icon is show in-line with each message, in a similar way to how Intercom messages are displayed.

Survey Invite Configuration

Wizu will use the Primary Metric (NPS, CES, CSAT) as the first question in the invitation (if your survey has a Primary Metric question as the first question in either the first or second section). If there is no Primary Metric found, it will simply leave out the question and the sub-title text should be changed to 'Click start to begin' or similar.

'Complete' Configuration

When the survey is completed by your customer, it will automatically return the conversation pane back to Intercom after 5 seconds and send a message to the contact. The message displayed is set within the Intercom section of the survey as shown below. Typically this would be a 'Thank you' message.

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