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Introduction to Reactions
Introduction to Reactions

How to use Wizu reactions to make surveys more engaging and human

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Surveys can be very boring and repetitive for the respondent if they are asked questions over and over. Reactions are a good way to mimic listening to a respondent and encourage more interaction.


As questions are answered reactions can be automatically added without having to manually them in.

In the example above the 'OK, thanks' is added automatically.

Configure Automatic Reactions

Reactions can be enabled or disabled at the bot level. If reactions aren't working there's a good chance they have been disabled on the survey's Bot

They can also be configured at the individual question level, the configuration will vary with each question type: this is an example of a single select question:

and this is an example for a text question:

You can modify the messages by navigating to the survey's chat bot and then the 'Chat Messages' tab

Some of the answers are intentionally left blank to avoid reaction overload.

The automated flow comments are neutral as we don't know whether a sad face is a good thing or a bad thing.

Configuring Manual Comments

You can override the bot defaults to display or hide reactions for each question. So you might want reactions generally in the conversation but not for a particular question.

Or, you want to control the reactions and make them more specific.

In the example below we have an Emoji question with five faces with more appropriate text

For single select questions you can provide reactions based on whether a particular was selected or not

Further Configuration Options

To react based on more complicated criteria such as previous questions, you have the option of using Display Logic so that you can 'react' based on multiple factors.


  • Reactions are an easy way to make surveys more engaging, fun and interactive

  • They can be turned off at the Bot level or individual questions

  • Automated messages are set at the bot level

  • Custom reactions provide the most engagement and can be set at the question or answer level

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