Wizu Invitation Upload

Learn how to send email, SMS or generate URL's through Wizu Invitation Upload

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You can easily send invitations to known recipients in Wizu. Each respondent is sent a unique URL that allows you to associated the responses to that respondent

Emails sent from you are more likely to be delivered and opened as you a known, trusted source so we recommend you send the emails where possible

Whether Wizu sends or Wizu generates links, the process is similar.

Upload Contacts Via Excel and Wizu sends emails

Start by navigating to 'Invitations' within the survey designer.

Configuring the email template

Choose 'Edit Mail Template'

Change the Subject field to the subject of your survey.

Tip: To avoid spam filters, we suggest you avoid the word 'survey' anywhere in the invitation.

Choose the Layout type. The default is chat and this results in higher open rates as the respondent can see the survey is a conversational, message based survey and is more like to click through

Double click on the first few messages to edit. The logo is taken from the Bot Organisation image and the question text is taken from Primary Metric question if you have one. Once you are happy with the changes choose 'Save and Publish Survey' and 'Close Mail Template'.

Next we'll see what the email template looks like by using 'Quick send'

This will send an email for each email address (one email address per line).

Once you are happy with how the email looks, we can start the full email send

Wizu Sends Emails

From the survey invitation section, choose 'Download Excel Template'

Open the excel template and you'll see there are instructions to follow on the first sheet.

Here's an example of spreadsheet if we wanted to send our survey to two customers via email.

Points to note: Customer Invitation Key must be unique across all uploads - this is not normally a Customer Identity key but rather an activity id. If you are using a CRM system, this might be an email activity identifier. This Customer Invitation Key is included when the responses are exported so the responses supply can be married up with your activity ID.

If you upload another spreadsheet with the same Customer Invitation Key, the invitation values will be updated.

Once the spreadsheet is completed, save and upload from the survey you want to send the invitations to.

You will see number of invitations created in the 'Actions taken' section.

Choose 'View Invitation Grid' and you will see a grid containing the invitations created

scroll along and you will see the 'Conversation Status' set to pending which indicates that the respondent hasn't started the survey yet, and 'Email Status' is 'Sent' which means that emails have been sent.

Upload contacts via Excel and Wizu generates links for you to send via email

If you wanted to send the emails yourself (which is recommended as you are a trusted source and therefore should achieve much higher open and completion rates), then download the Excel template as above but set values in the 'Send Email' column to 'false'. When the spreadsheet is uploaded, Wizu will create the links for each customer row, but will NOT send any email or SMS.

Each invitation link can be exported to Excel again for you to upload

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