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Building Dynamic Invitation URL's
Building Dynamic Invitation URL's

Learn how to build invitations dynamically to easily integrate with other software workflow

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An easy way to generate a unique survey invitation is generate the link yourself and pass in parameters via query string. The advantage of dynamically generating the links is that they don't have to be pre-built, they can be generated by combining existing data together in a workflow.

To do this, first get your link for survey from within the 'Properties' section of the survey.

If you have your own primary key, you can create dynamic invitations using this format:

The rid must be random GUID for example:

Additional parameters can also be supplied this way such as These additional parameters can be referenced in the survey statements using {context.persona} or even using routing via the 'A context parameter' command (see 'Personalising the survey with additional values' section below)

Another advantage of supplying the keys yourself is improved security - the keys provided can be pseudo/dummy keys so that no identifiable information is supplied to Wizu. Once the responses are returned along with the pseudo key, you can re-map the pseudo key with your actual key without having sent Wizu any sensitive information.

Additional parameters should be URL encoded (see example), and validated when starting the survey with routing to make sure the parameters are correct (ensuring 'persona' can only be 'buyer' or 'seller' for example).

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