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Personalising the survey and filtering reports with customer tags
Personalising the survey and filtering reports with customer tags

Pass data to the survey to provide a personalised and engaging feedback experience

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Supply additional customer data when generating the invitation to create a personalised experience. For example when uploading contacts via the File Upload, First Name, Last Name, Case No and what pet they have can be included in the invitation and referenced by the survey in the question editor...

...they work in a similar way to mail merge fields.

In addition to making the feedback experience more personalised, they can be route the survey down different paths.

Use condition 'Context Parameter'

and supplying the Column name and value to test as demonstrated below:

This avoids having to ask the customer for information that is already collected and so improve the experience.

Filter Reports on customer invitation data

Insight reports can be filtered by choosing the customer parameter on the left hand panel. This is useful, if you want to filter all customers that have a parameter 'Pet' with 'CAT' as the value for example.

Customer Parameters are exported

The invitation parameters are also exported along with customer responses

This is great if you want to 'tag' your customer when you import your surveys in another software system.

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