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How to invite users to your organization
How to invite users to your organization

Add, edit, delete or change roles for users within Wizu

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To manage users within Wizu, navigate to your account by accessing the top right window as shown below

Choose 'Add' as shown below to add new users. To edit a user, first select a user, then choose edit.

Complete the form and choose 'Create'.


  • Administrators have full access to Wizu including the ability to create, edit and delete other users.

  • Users have the ability to create surveys but can not manage other users

  • Reporting users have access to data only and can not edit surveys or manage other users.

Once created, an invitation will automatically be sent to the new user with instructions for how to complete the sign up process. Please note, they must use the same email as specified above.

To delete a user, choose edit and the select the delete button at the bottom.

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