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Getting started: creating your first Wizu survey
Getting started: creating your first Wizu survey

A step-by-step walk-through guide to creating your first conversational survey in Wizu. Build a simple survey and see the results in Wizu.

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Creating a survey in Wizu is very easy. If you haven't already done so, sign up to Wizu

Choose 'Create new survey' from the top left menu

This displays the new survey screen where you have a choice of starting the 'Survey Builder' or copying a pre-built template.

In this walk-through, we'll choose 'Start Builder'.

When the screen below is presented, choose a name for the survey.

The identifier is automatically completed and this makes up the URL sent to your customer so it should be 'customer friendly'!

Choose Emily for the bot - we can change this later.

Then choose 'Next' to bring up the screen below

  • Leave the 'Primary measure' as NPS.

  • Change Comment to 'Smart Comments' - as shown with big red arrow

  • Leave AI Probing blank

Choose 'Create' to be taken to the survey designer.

The designer has a menu at the top of the page with four sections that represent the flow of building your survey, collecting feedback and then taking action:

Set up > Design > Collect > Analyse & Act

Adding questions

Let's add a question to the survey, by selecting 'Design' and then 'Questions' in the pop out menu - as shown in the video above.

You'll see the left hand menu has the 'Sections' pane. Sections are just groups of questions (in old-school surveys they used to call them pages).

Surveys typically have 3 sections

  • Introduction

  • Main section

  • Exit

Choose '+ Section' and choose 'Empty section' > 'Add this section' before giving your new section a name - see video below

In this section we'll ask what our customer's favourite pet is. This example survey could be sent to a customer after visiting a pet store.

Choose 'GOT IT' to the prompts and drag a Single Select question from the right hand menu to the body of the page

Next, we'll save the survey and see what it looks like in preview.

Click 'Save' ...


The preview section is a play area where you can quickly test the survey before publishing to your customers. Responses aren't stored anywhere, so you can test as much as you like


Publishing makes the survey available for your customers to take.

That's it, your first survey is created and available for your customers to take.

The survey is now ready for distribution and there are lots of ways of doing that but for now, we'll go ahead and take the survey by clicking on the conversation link.

This will open the survey in a new tab or window.

Complete the conversation and answer the NPS question as if you had visited a pet store.

Also choose 'Finish chat' (If you didn't choose Finish chat the results will be submitted after a few minutes)

Lastly, we can go back to the Wizu portal and view the response in the Activity Feed

The activity feed shows the Primary Metric score (9 out of 10 NPS), the primary comment, auto generated tags. Clicking on the body of the response will open up the transcript view that displays the full context of the surveys in story form.

There are lots more ways to use the data, such as Exporting to Excel, running workflow or connecting

You've seen how simple it is to create powerful surveys.

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