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Automate workflows and connect your everyday apps with the Wizu Zapier integration.

Zapier is an online tool that connects your apps and services. It allows you to easily create integrations between your existing systems through a simple interface. With Wizu and Zapier, you can trigger survey invitations from specific events in other applications, share results, automate follow up activities and more.

See our Wizu page at Zapier for some integration ideas.

Example Use Cases

Send Surveys After Customers Issues Are Resolved

If an unhappy customer raises a ticket via a helpdesk took such as Zendesk and an issue is resolved, a follow up Wizu survey can be sent to find out about that experience. A post-resolution survey can help ensure your support team are delivering the best possible experience.

Connect Your Response Data To Your CRM

Pass your survey response data directly through to CRMs such as Salesforce. Enable workflows to create tickets for unhappy customers or collect leads to update marketing tools such as MailChimp.

Share Survey Results

Get Slack notifications when a survey response is collected or create a task in Trello if a customer raises an issue for a specific department. Push survey responses into Google Sheets or sync responses with Google Analytics to gather valuable insight. The possibilities are endless.

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