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How to collect video responses
How to collect video responses

Learn how to use Wizu to collect short video clips

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With Wizu's new video question feature, you can now get feedback from customers in the form of video recordings.

This feature allows customers to provide more detailed and meaningful responses than they would with just text input. You can use this data to gain valuable insight into how your customers feel about your products or services. With this help article, we'll show you how to set up and use the video response feature on Wizu.

Enable Video Comments On Existing questions

To add video functionality to an existing comment question, simply open the comment question in the Wizu portal and navigate to the text question tab. At the bottom choose 'Allow Video Response'

Add A New Video Question

To add a new video question to a survey, drag and drop the Video question from the question picker as you would with any other question.

Video Question Settings

Video First

This makes video the primary or main type of input. When the question is presented to the user, the video user interface is used, with the fallback to text. If Video first is unchecked, then the question is presented as a comment question with the option of a Video Question.

Video Notes

Video notes are displayed to the user before and during the video capture. They are there to guide the respondent as to what to say. See the screenshot below.

The respondent can add/edit/delete/minimize these notes as they wish.

Video Length

This is the maximum duration of the video in seconds. When the video is within 30 seconds of the end, a countdown will appear on the screen.


Video responses are available to download in the ResponseViewer and export of responses.


  • Video responses are collected in 1080 x 1080 square format.

  • Responses to questions are delayed by 2 minutes due to the additional processing for the video

  • Responses are stored in Wizu for 6 months after which they are deleted.

  • Be clear to the respondent how the video is used and for what purposes

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