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What's new in Wizu 2024
What's new in Wizu 2024

More information about new functionality to the Wizu App in 2024

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The January 8th release contains the following new features and updates:

  • AI Follow-Up Question version 2 uses OpenAI technology to provide much more intelligent prompts to validate and probe for more information where appropriate.

  • This replaces existing AI prompts based on Text Analytic data and Wizu Smart Comments.

  • AI automatic response tagging:

  • New Wizu branding using a modified 'interlinking speech bubbles' icon.

  • Improved UI for the publishing and preview of surveys

  • Pausing a survey is no longer an 'Unpublish' but is a setting of the survey

  • Longer session timeouts (weeks) to reduce the chance of timing out at an inconvenient point

  • Simple survey designer for quick editing of the survey and without the concept of dialogues (enabled on request)

  • Minor UI improvements throughout

  • Minor stability improvements throughout

In addition, we have released a version of Wizu called Feedback Agent that provides simple AI surveys and integrates with ChatGPT as a GPT. Feel free to contact us to use with your existing Wizu Account.

OpenAI Code Interpreter is an AI product that produces truly incredible data analysis. We will offer this integration for Wizu and Wizu Feedback Agent over time.

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